Pioneering the Future with
Unique Material and Technology

We always research and develop new products,
and leading the world's polymer market.


Products made through chemical synthesis are widely used in industrial manufacturing, mechanical, healthcare, fashion and many other industries. Unimatec performs various chemical syntheses especially in the fields of fluoro-compounds and specialty synthetic rubber, where we are regarded as one of the leading chemical companies in the world. As the specialty chemicals industry continues to grow, we are also progressively searching for market needs and actively developing new products.


Unimatec practices eco-friendly policies aimed to
sustain the earth by contributing with unique materials
and technologies.

About Us

Unimatec is a pioneering company leading the world's polymer market.

Unimatec Co., Ltd. aims to contribute (we contribute) to the world with unique materials and technologies. We not only provide synthetic rubber, but also manufacture fluorinated chemical compounds and other unique products.

Unimatec's manufacturing facilities have achieved

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certifications.

by employing our corporate slogans,
"Customer service improvement with focus on quality" and "eco-friendly,"

Unimatec continues to provide products to satisfy worldwide customer needs. We continuously strive for innovation at Unimatec through research & development to remain as a market leader.


    Elastomer & Chemicals Sales & Marketing Dept.

    1-12-15 Siba-Daimon, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0012

    TEL: +81-3-5405-6401

  • UNIMATEC Chemicals Europe GmbH

    Im Technologiepark 1, 69469 Weinheim, Germany

    TEL: +49-6201-27345-0 http://www.unimatec-europe.com/

  • UNIMATEC Chemicals America, Inc.

    Suite164, 39555 Orchard Hill Place, Novi, MI 48375, USA

    TEL: +1-248-778-3301 http://www.unimatec-europe.com/

  • UNIMATEC Chemicals China Co., Ltd.

    The Place, Unit 1808, Tower C 150 Zunyi Road, Shanghai 200051 P.R. China

    TEL: +86-21-6208-8895

  • UNIMATEC Chemicals Singapore Pte. Ltd.

    30 Sakra View, Jurong Island, 627745 Singapore

    TEL: +65-6515-9331


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