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Corporate Profile

Company Name UNIMATEC CO., LTD.
Headquarters 1-12-15 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0012
Plants Plant No.1: 831-2 Kamisohda, Isohara-cho,
     Kitaibaraki-shi, Ibaraki, Japan 319-1593
Ushiku Office: 1650-11-1 Okubara-cho, Ushiku-shi, Ibaraki, Japan 300-1283 Singapore plant:30 Sakra View, Jurong Island, 627745 Singapore
Founded April 1, 2002
Paid-in Capital 400 million yen (wholly owned by NOK Corporation)
Businesses Synthetic rubbers, Fine chemicals,
Organic fluorine synthetic compounds,
Chemical products for synthetic rubber molding
Board of
Masato TsuruChairman of the Board
Hiroaki KikuchiPresident
Jiro IidaDirector
Nozomu MaeharaAuditor
Atsushi YoshidaSenior Operating Officer
Takehiro SonoiOperating Officer
Satoru KyoyaOperating Officer
Hans-Martin IsselOperating Officer


Oct. 1971 Began operations as Kitabaraki Plant of Nippon Oil Seal (currently NOK).
Dec. 1973 Spun off as Seiwa Kasei to research, develop and manufacture synthetic chemical products.
Apr. 1979 Merged with Nippon Mektron and relaunched as its Kitaibaraki Plant.
Apr. 2002 Spun off of Nippon Mektron to form Unimatec, wholly owned by NOK.
Feb. 2006 Established Unimatec Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
Apr. 2010 The polyurethane division separated from us. (New UNIMATEC started.)
Jul. 2020 Established “Adhesive Business Development Office” (Business transfer from Nippon Mektron)

Procurement Principle

1.Procurement Principle

We will execute our procurement activities as following policies.

  • (1) We comply with laws, regulations and social norms.
  • (2) Based on the idea of free competition, we select suppliers in a stringent manner by providing fair and equal opportunities.
  • (3) We share mutual interests and benefits with suppliers based on the idea of mutual prosperity.
  • (4) We engage in open communication and build a relationship of trust with suppliers.
  • (5) We conduct improvement activities proactively in collaboration with suppliers.

2.CSR Procurement Guideline

To acquit ourselves of our corporate social responsibility, we will execute our procurement activities based on following policies.

(1) Compliance with laws andregulations

We comply with laws and regulations, including the competition laws, trade laws,environmental laws and social norms of relevant countries.

(2) Respect for human rights

We do not deal with business entities that would use forced or child labor, that would engage in unlawful employment of foreign nationals or any other illegal employment and that would not satisfy industrial safety and health requirements.

(3) Safety

We prioritize the safety of customers and consumers and purchase products that satisfy safety requirements.

(4) Green procurement

We carry out procurement activities based on the NOK Group Green Procurement
Guideline with consideration for preserving the global environment .

(5) Confidentiality

We deal with suppliers that can appropriately manage and control the confidentiality of information on customers, dividuals and technologies, etc. obtained through business transactions.

(6) Elimination of anti-social forces

We do not deal with any organized crime groups, any of their members and related individuals nor any other antisocial forces as well as any business entities associated with them.

(7) Activities regarding conflict minerals

We strive to avoid purchasing minerals and products that use minerals from countries where inhumane armed forces are active and mining minerals for their financial resources.

(8) Contribution to local communities

We contribute to the development of local communities by promoting business transactions with local suppliers.

(9) Sharing awareness with suppliers

We strive to ensure that the NOK Charter of Corporate Behavior and the CSR Procurement Guidelines are respected throughout the supply chain.

3.Request to our suppliers

(1) Comprehension and Respect to our Procurement Principle.

Our fundamental idea is that it is much significant to share the mind and purpose of corporate social responsibility in our all supply chain in order to fulfill it.
Therefore, we would like you to understand and respect our Procurement Principle.

(2) Excluding of the unreasonable treatment

We will definitely refuse the unreasonable treatment such like a bribe including any giftcards, unreasonable rake-off, and any other irrelevant advantage in the social standards.


Plant No. 1

Address:831-2 Kamisohda, Isohara-cho, Kitaibaraki-shi, Ibaraki, Japan 319-1593

10 min. by taxi from JR Joban Line Isohara Station West Exit

Singapore Plant

Address:30 Sakra View, Jurong Island, 627745 Singapore